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Dead Shuffler Test Adventure

03/06/21 - +SS, go in.>
03/06/21 - +>
03/06/21 - +>
03/06/21 - +>
03/06/21 - +>
03/06/21 - +>
03/05/21 - +>
03/05/21 - +SS, meet BS.>
03/02/21 - +DD, escape.>
03/02/21 - +CD, be DD.>
03/02/21 - +HB, call SS.>
03/02/21 - +SS, be HB.>





INHOSPITABLE is a comic that has been in development since 2016. In late 2019, progress began on Episode 3, and in 2020 work began on recreating the first two existing episodes.


Posted on February 12, 2021, 11:54 pm Permalink


It's time for some transparency about the project. Nothing bad, just a progress report. This thread will contain information about how far along the comic is from release. I still can't give a timeframe, but we're getting closer every day! Hope you're as excited as I am.

Progress on panels:

Episode 1: Done

Break 1: Practically done, may touch up EOB (End of Break) guest page

Episode 2: Roughly halfway done

Break 2: Not started

Episode 3: Not done

As for Break 1, the guest page has been completed, aside from some potential touching-up in the sound department.

Episode 3 has a lot of panels done, but I've decided to put them through a major overhaul. While this version of Episode 3 has heavily impacted the comic's aesthetic, I'm not happy with the way it looks in comparison to some of my more recently drawn panels. On top of that, some of the backgrounds were going to have work done anyway, and the script has been going through changes too.

Speaking of scripts...

The way IH handles writing is complicated, but the first two episodes (and their respective breaks) aren't actually written before they're uploaded to the site. Starting with episode 3, the comic will be heavily scripted going forward. E3 introduces a lot of moving parts that I hope are appreciated.

Plans for updates:

Episodes 1 and 2 (and their respective Breaks) will be released on a set period with about a month or so in-between each drop of content. Episodes will be released only after they're complete, meaning once Episode 3 is done, expect the content faucet to slow a bit. Unfortunately there is no creative "team" behind the writing of IH, so I have to try to keep up with the pace myself. Thanks for understanding.

Alright, that's been the February 2021 transparency post. If you have any questions, you can contact me via the contact section at the bottom of the page. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned.

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