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This is the multi-media creative hub for our (Tempest Breeze and Mallory Online) collaborative works. It's currently host to Fateful Heights, a webcomic you've near-certainly heard of if you've made it this far.

> So then... what's Fateful Heights?

Fateful Heights is a hypertext comic about a 19 year old named Dez Saylor, their friends, and the complicated world they all live in.

> Where can I keep track of updates, or get involved with the community?

You can find us on Twitter, Tumblr, and cohost where you can keep up with updates and other news.

I also post updates on my public account on Shrike Club, if you use Mastodon.

There's also the INHOSPITABLE Discord server!

For any inquiries, technical issues, concerns, or anything else, reach us at contact@inhospitable.net.