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Unrelated Stories

Works entirely unrelated to the usual works hosted here.

A test adventure featuring the DEAD SHUFFLERS from Vast Error's Intermission 2 Side 1. Made to test the site's abilities.
(Incomplete; 16 pages)

Rejected, Take 20

Juntol Bittre reflects on her most recent audition.

Juntol Bittre is my silly little fantroll, you can find her Toyhouse page here.


A short story I wrote about my experience with being "human".

Concept Art

While most of the available concept art will be on Patreon/Ko-fi, some content that was previously public-facing content can be found here.


A tool designed by victoria to write pesterlogs easier. I use it for any sort of dialogue on the site. I modified it just a little to support nearly every Vast Error character for some reason? Probably so I could write silly logs to myself. It exports to MSPFA and AO3* too!

Currently the logger is currently version 2.4.0, but if victoria makes any updates past that, they'll be over on her comic's website before they make their way here.

*The VE characters in Pgenpod's AO3 Workskin don't currently work, but if there's an interest in it I'll go in and try to make that compatible.


Unassociated Projects

Projects we're not involved in, but are choosing to plug here for some reason or another.

More Webcomics


Four kids play a game together.
(If you go back and read it, I urge you to use The Unofficial Homestuck Collection.)

Burning Down the House

A story about stories, and the people who read them.
(Another ending to Homestuck.)


A story about a boy who wakes up in a forest.
(Very cute, funny, and dramatic comic that feels like the spliced DNA of Undertale, Homestuck, Prequel, and a lot of anime.)


MARY is JOBLESS, ROMANCELESS, and has TWO more HORNS than she has DOLLARS. (TWO) Now 25, Mary is trying to inject flavor into her life by reuniting with old friends - all similarly afflicted women with abnormal growths that unified them as highschoolers. But is their inability to assimilate into society the glue holding them together, or the thing keeping them from growing up?
(This comic is by Winona! Really awesome incredibly transgender comic with messy relationships and messier pining. Don't read unless you're 18 and up due to: sex and stuff.)

Other Mediums


Deconreconstruction is a multi-media webcomic hub for the works of Austinado, Sparaze, and the many collaborators that help bring them to life.
(Home of Vast Error, Snowbound Blood, and more. You've probably heard of them, but I still really recommend checking them out if you haven't yet.)


A rhythm-game-slash-JRPG by Ash Taylor about an odd planet, a floating city, and three colourful youngsters who have to Save The World.
(Ash is really talented, you should check this out. I've also worked with them on another project.)