GM: When all is said and done, I only have One thing to say: Congratulations. How's your birthday Now?
GM: Hello? Are you still not awake?
GM: When you have some time, please respond by bringing up the on-screen keyboard. I'll be attending to some Personal Matters in the meantime.
My birthday is just GREAT thank you. I always wanted to spend my bday in the BRIG. /supersarcastic!!!
GM: Perfect timing once again. I was losing that one.
Losing what?
Nevermind I don't care
How could you just sit there while I'm sitting in a cell?!
GM: Honestly D, what do you expect Me to Do?
GM: There is work to be done, we have no time to squabble over this.
What work? I got captured!
GM: We can worry about that Later.
GM: You put together the Device. That is what matters right now.
Oh yeah, this was my birthday present, right?
It's... pretty underwhelming, GM
GM: This is the device that makes your real present Possible.
GM: While it would have been better for you not to have gotten caught, this is not by any means Game Over.
GM: We only have so much time to Chat, so we need to talk Strategy.
No. No!
I have done everything you have told me to and now I am in the brig on my birthday
I went out on a limb for you and I got caught
GM: Hm.
GM: That is unfortunate.
Yeah. Unfortunate. >:(
GM: I really did not want to do this, but...
GM: You do not have much of a choice here.
GM: Your options are to allow NAVY to Do As They May, or to allow me to Intervene.
GM: And I know how much Disdain you have for the former.
Fine. Fine fine fine! Whatever! I'll listen but I'm not very happy with you right now
GM: I can live with that. Now, do you have any Tools?
GM: How fast can you screw something open with your fingernail?
I dunno
Probably not very fast
GM: That's a shame. You need to find something Strong, something that will leave an Impact on Glass.
GM: It's just a matter of time before you are taken out of your cell to be questioned on your Behavior. That is your chance to find your things and Escape to the surface.
Ohhh no
No way mister!
I will not break a window this far under the ocean just for a CHANCE to escape!
What if I drown?
GM: Have some faith. It's a last resort.
GM: A surefire Distraction.
I am not a very good swimmer
GM: If the window you break is small enough, you will have Plenty of time.
I guess I'll just break a small window then.
GM: Good.
GM: Once you're back on the surface, you need to get to the repair bay as fast as you can.
GM: A small ship intended for Personal Transport arrived earlier today.
You want me to hotwire a boat? That's EASY
GM: You don't know how to hotwire anything.
You don't know that.
GM: In one of our tabletop sessions you suggested putting a Lighter in the ignition of a truck.
Well. Whatever.
What does that even have to do with anything?
GM: Nothing, you won't need to hotwire anything.
GM: Just get as close to the Navigation as possible and attach this Device to the boat.
Wait, you mean...
GM: Happy Birthday, Dez.
Woah. Really? You're not just pranking me?
GM: I'm not. You're setting sail.
Where to?
Wait I think I hear the door opening how do i turn this off
imputtingyouin my procketnowbye
GM: Drat, I was hoping we would have more time...
GM: Don't worry, I will handle it.