DS: Yeah :/
DS: GM got me some kind of weird present I guess?
GB: wow, how generous
GB: did he make you his "knight" or something stupid like that?
GB: so no then
DS: No of course not, it was nothing like that!
DS: He says he sent me something
DS: Like, three thingies I need to collect and put together and then call him or whatever?
DS: I don't really get it >_>
GB: sounds like a fetch quest
DS: Like from game nights? Yeah I guess...
GB: well he wants you to get some things and then talk to him
GB: thats a fetch quest d
DS: Okay then it's a fetch quest
DS: Still, not really sure I'm up to it
DS: Puzzles aren't really my thing unless it's game night
GB: eh, i get that ig
GB: but idk
GB: id hear him out
GB: if he wants you to message him BACK then clearly those things arent the actual present right
DS: I mean maybe, but still!
DS: What exactly is he going to get, anyway?
GB: you never know with the prince
GB: try hinking big if you need some incentive
GB: thinking
DS: Okay, but he is not really a prince
GB: oh isnt he
DS: Stop humoring him >:P
GB: if you insist >8]
GB: hey btw
GB: what time is it for you?
DS: Ummmmmmmmm
DS: Almost noon! Why??