GB: because you should be having lunch rn yeah
DS: @_@!!!
DS: Oh no!!!!
GB: whats wrong?
GB: you okay???
DS: Yes I'm fine I just
DS: ...realized that I haven't had anything to eat today ^^"
GB: hey thats no big deal, just get something
DS: Oh yeah, that's easy! I have some NPNs right under my computer
GB: dez you cant expect me to remember every dumb navy acronym
DS: No-Prep-Needed meals, silly
DS: And they're not a NAVY thing, Gal
GB: they *definitely* are
DS: You're telling me you've never gone down to your local rations station and gotten a couple of NPNs to take home?
GB: dez
GB: no
GB: i still dont know what the hell a rations stations is
GB: im enjoying my gooey mac n cheese dinner and your insistence that this npn shit is commonplace isnt going to stop me >8]
DS: Well as good as I'm suuure that is, I am perfectly content with the mushy goodness of an apple basket!
DS: Or should I say an apple basket that has been prepared in such a way to make me stronger every time I eat it!
GB: you shouldnt say that
GB: that just sounds like your meats are being laced with steroids or something
DS: Huh, yours aren't?
GB: what
GB: excuse me what
DS: Just messing with you Gal, they are definitely not laced with anything!
DS: Steroids or otherwise... >_>"
GB: if you say so.
GB: i wouldnt put it past navy to try something like that though