|- galvanic-botanist [GB] began jamming with doctor-stunningway [DS] -|
GB: heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
GB: dez
GB: happy bday
GB: augh
GB: ds
GB: saylor
GB: deeeeeee
GB: my dear bestie
GB: im so so tired
GB: i am going back to sleep.
GB: msg me when ur up ok?
GB: gn
|- galvanic-botanist [GB] ceased jamming with doctor-stunningway [DS] -|
|- doctor-stunningway [DS] is paging galvanic-botanist [GB] -|
DS: Hey GB!
DS: Are you awake?
DS: I thought you and GM were in the same timezone...
DS: I just got done talking to him actually
DS: But thank you for the birthday wishes ^^
DS: Even if birthdays kind of stink for me
GB: hey hi hi
GB: im awake
DS: Oh hi Gal!!
DS: Did you rest well, sleepyhead?
GB: yea actually
GB: had a pretty sweet dream where i had a cool sword. i was basically the coolest guy ever
DS: Doesn't sound too much different from real life XD
GB: exactly, im always the cool
GB: esguevefdr
GB: i mean coolest guy ever
GB: yea 8|
DS: Esguevefdr LOL
GB: that was a normal mistake anyone could have made
GB: an average folly, even
DS: How did that even happen??
GB: it doesnt matterrrrrrrr leave me alone
DS: Jeez okay!
DS: Next time you make a typo I'll just sit by politely and NOT point it out
GB: we both know thats impossible
DS: Hehehehe >:D
GB: evil
GB: so whatcha doing today
GB: anything special
DS: Not really, no
DS: Well maybe one thing but I dunno when I'm gonna do it :I
GB: yea?