DS: Okay yeah so what?? Its in HQ and there is NO WAY I'm ever going in there without backup
DS: So just send me another copy of piece number two and we can keep playing... whatever this is. >:/
GM: No can do. This is a one-of-a-kind device.
GM: Oh, what about that boy you hang out with - Xandrew, was it? I'm sure he would be happy to help you.
DS: There are so many things wrong with that sentence. There are three many things wrong with that sentence.
DS: I've already kind of lied to Xander and since there's nobody else left on the base who WOULD help me
DS: I'm not going. Sorry GM... maybe we can play another game tonight :/
GM: I don't understand. Why are you so averse to going into HQ?
GM: From what you've told me of your past exploits, it is basically a typical office building, 'but with more underwater'.
DS: And I am AFRAID of that!
DS: What if I accidentally walk through the bottomside exit and get trapped in the airlock and run out of air or
DS: What if a porthole cracks and breaks open and water comes in and I can't get out in time so I drown??
DS: Not to mention all the delvers walking around and I am NOT in the mood to engage any of my "ex-friends" in forced conversation about like
DS: Phytoplankton
DS: Or the latest issue of Rusty Old Junk Monthly
DS: So no I am not going down there. No way. Not even for a Saylor Snack