GM: But you never refuse to endanger yourself for Saylor Snacks! You are always definitely doing risky things for these definitely always real treats.
DS: Well not today, buddy
GM: Are you sure?
DS: Definitely.
GM: I...
GM: Dez, let me be honest. This puzzle that you are solving... Well, it is kind of my entire life's work.
GM: I know that you are scared, but I also know that you will come out of this okay.
GM: D, think about it like this:
GM: What would Dr. Stunningway do?
GM: Would she hide in the barracks and eat cake, waiting for another year to pass?
GM: Or would she stand up, face her fears and conquer the quest laid out before her?!
GM: I know which path she would take.
GM: And you do too.
DS: ...
DS: Okay you know what?
DS: As far as rousing speeches go
DS: That was not half bad!
DS: I will do it...
GM: Huzzah!
GM: Anything!
DS: You have to tell me your real name. :)
GM: Oh, come on.
GM: Really?
DS: I know online privacy has always been ~Of Utmost Importance~ to you but I am not risking my LIFE for somebody whose name I dont even know!
GM: But Dez, I've always imagined my Name Reveal as being more dramatic!
GM: In person, ideally. With good lighting, and perhaps I am wearing a cape...
DS: Make with the name or I am chucking your gamejunk into the ocean right now
GM: Fine! Fine. You Win.
GM: My name is...
GM: (Imagine a drumroll.)
DS: Budabudabudabudabudabudabudabuda
DS: ????????
DS: Gizmondo is NOT your real name
GM: It is!
GM: I swear on the Player's Handbook.
DS: So you ARE for real!
DS: I can see why you've been so cagy about this >u>
GM: It is a perfectly normal name where I come from.
DS: Is it Swedish or something?
GM: I don't even know what that means.