|- doctor-stunningway [DS] is paging grandiose-magister [GM] -|

DS: Heyyyyy GM
DS: Howwwww's it goin
GM: Saylor! You've caught me at a good time. What is up?
DS: Well uh
DS: Okay I am actually just going to cut the chase.
DS: I gotta hit the Hint Button :(((
GM: What?! This early, really? For shame.
GM: And I thought you a 'Major League Gamer.'
DS: It's just the second piece!!
DS: I found the third just fine, and the first just kinda... came at me???
DS: These things are remote controlled or something, right?
GM: Or Something yes. What about the second?
DS: Well,
DS: I just
DS: Couldn't find it!
GM: Really now.
DS: Looked all over, pretty much!
DS: "Between those locations" is a BIT vague isnt it :P
GM: Well, yes.
GM: Figuring things out on your own is the Precise Point of Puzzles. If I told you exactly where everything was, then your journey would be nothing more than the glorified completion of a rote checklist.
GM: Hardly a satisfying story.
DS: Oh yeah? Well how is this for a satisfying story.
DS: "Once upon the time there was a prissy little man. He would not give his friend a hint so they had to hit him on the head with a hammer."
GM: An alarmingly violent outburst. Report to Med-Bay for a full psych exam.
GM: Not that you would ever be able to hit me in the first place. I am Far too agile.
DS: Yeah...?
DS: Let's test your REFLEXES then >:D
DS: *Dr. Stunningway whips out her GIANT MALLET and in one fluid motion she slams it down on the GM's head!*
GM: The Master of Games, indomitable in his speed, evaded the Doctor's strike with a casual lean, as the draping leaves of the willow-tree might lean in a calm breeze. The mallet, embarrassed by its habitual tardiness, shattered upon the floor in a spray of mallet-shards.
DS: Tch... he's fast!!!
DS: *She digs into her white coat and flings a fan of syringes at the GM!!*
GM: The Master of Games, unmatched in his dexterity, plucked each of the darts from the air as if they were berries on the vine. He did this with one hand behind his back, so as to maintain a svelte and regal posture.
DS: Unmatched in dexterity... Guess I'll have to BRUTE FORCE IT!
DS: *The doctor dashes straight for GM with the force of a thousand raging caduceic serpents!*
GM: The Master of Games, nonsurpassable in his personal gravitas, simply did not move. The Doctor bounced off of him like a marshmallow tossed against a steel wall.
DS: Ugh... Looks like I have no choice...
DS: but to use my SECRET TECHNIQUE
DS: *The Doctor teleports behind you and snaps your neck with surgical precision killing you PERMANENTLY!!!*
GM: Woah! No Godmodding.
DS: Whatever this is stupid anyway. You'll NEVER let Doctor Stunningway beat you >:/
GM: Not in Freeform Roleplay, I won't. Even with dice rolls limiting my power, I'd be a difficult foe...
GM: By the way Dez, you're a terrible liar.
GM: I know you know where that piece is.
DS: WHAT?! How the heck did you know that??
GM: Easy.
GM: You Just Told Me.