+First, be the pony. Then, follow mom.>

What? What pony? And you don't see any mothers around here. You just need to refer to your list. You made this list to keep track of your lies, but you wasted the entire sheet on failed ideas for this occasion. In your frustration at the time, you drew a rough caricature of the man in front of you. You already know you didn't use any of these, so you'll have to refer back to your ol' memory banks for this one.
You've kept a mental list of the lies you've told so far- you just need to try not to add any on top of it. You never need to give a mark a reason to believe he's being conned, especially when you've got him this far.
1. You're NOT trying to get him to sign over a sizeable fortunate directly to you and your SHUFFLERS.
3. Something about propaganda? You're not sure.
Well shit, you can't remember the last one. That was the most important. Looks like you'll just have to improvise. While normally you wouldn't be so sloppy, you have just as much experience planning as you do running your mouth on autopilot. You know how to talk a mark down, and lucky for you, you skimmed through a book or two of his, so you have a feeling you know what'll win him over. Just throw in something about this hotel being a prime location for it all and that'll seal the deal.