+SS, meet BS.>

Yeah, this is the guy. BENJAMIN SHARPER is a "social influencer" of sorts, according to the records you could find. It's a bit out of your wheelhouse, but he's a published author and pretty active in Dersite politics. None of it is anything that interests you though. You have more lucrative things on your mind.
Nice of him to show, you inform him. Took him long enough.
You'll have to forgive him, he responds. Traffic wasn't exactly kind on his way over.
What's that supposed to mean, you ask him.
He chuckles. You know how THE HOTEL is, he explains.
Right, right. You nod. It's not an ideal meetup spot, but it's all part of THE PLAN.
THE PLAN, right... Say Seagal, think we should go over that again? He asks, knowing damn well what the plan is.
You respond with a sigh and a shrug. Sure, you tell him. Just gotta remind yourself of the plan, too. What's THE OBJECTIVE here?