Posted on October 8, 2021, 12:11 pm

50 Pages and 50 More + INHOSPITABLE Changes

So, we've finally reached 50 pages of Fateful Heights. Whew, were did time go? When we launched back on July 9th, we weren't entirely sure how often we'd be updating, or even where exactly we'd be in a year. Needless to say, the pace of updates has been faster than we expected, and just a few months in we've passed the 50 page mark. Working on this comic has been a joy so far, and we're really excited to keep going.

Now you may have seen this newspost also has "+ INHOSPITABLE Changes" in the title, and that might sound a little scary. Don't worry, no major changes are coming- in fact, we just wanted to discuss the ones that have already been made.

Firstly, the logo at the top? Totally different now! It also gives you a much better look at our site logo. Also, you may have noticed that the logs listed on the left is a lot shorter. That's because it's been limited to only showing the most recent 35 pages, which should make it a lot easier to check for newsposts here at the bottom. Speaking of the logs, we added page numbers next to each page! This is a pretty nice quality-of-life change that should make navigating the logs a lot easier, especially since pages in Fateful Heights seldom have unique titles.

The last change isn't actually here on the site, but on our Twitter account. The rebranding of our logo has affected the account's profile picture and the header, and the template for our update promo image has been slightly changed in a way that should be a lot more legible. Now none of this should be groundbreaking, but we really hope it improves your experience interacting with the site. Thanks for tuning in to our programming, everyone. Here's to fifty more pages!