DS: :/
DS: I mean it's cool! But uh
DS: Puzzles are kind of your thing GM
DS: Can't we save those for game night? They're way more fun together >_>
GM: Please slow down, D. It's not that kind of puzzle.
GM: I have sent to you three pieces of a device that is incredibly pertinent for you to put together.
DS: Huh? You mean...?
GM: Yes, I've sent three physical objects to your location.
GM: Your quest then is very simple: find the pieces, put the device together, then follow my instructions to activate it.
DS: Woah! That's some dedication
DS: But uh, where'd you put them?
GM: I've rolled them out to locations you've been throughout the day.
GM: If I had to guess, I would say that one is back in your bedroom, another is somewhere in that beacon bunker, and the remaining piece is between those locations.
GM: Drat. I have another meeting.
DS: Oh no! Hope it goes well, mister bigshot :P
GM: I'm sure it will, but before I go there's something I need to make clear.
GM: It is paramount that before you begin your search, you pack a bag.
GM: Spare clothes, items that are important to you- your computer, of course.
GM: Anything you wouldn't want to be without.
DS: Wait why??
GM: Apologies Dez, I really have to go. Talk to you later.

|- grandiose-magister [GM] dispelled doctor-stunningway [DS] -|