|- grandiose-magister [GM] summoned doctor-stunningway [DS] -|

GM: Ahem.
GM: It is my pleasure to wish you, on what is surely a Very Special day for you...
GM: Happy Birthday, Saylor.
GM: ...
GM: Oh.
GM: You must have left your computer in that glistening barbican of yours again.
GM: Please do respond when you get the chance, I've more to offer you than well wishes this year.

|- grandiose-magister [GM] dispelled doctor-stunningway [DS] -|

|- doctor-stunningway [DS] is paging grandiose-magister [GM] -|

DS: Oh hi GM!!
DS: Thank you! ^^"
DS: It's really no big deal though, just another year older right?
DS: I mean it's no big deal this year
DS: Blehhhhgh I don't wanna think about that today @_@
DS: But I appreciate it!
GM: Saylor, perfect timing. I just got out of a meeting.
DS: Sure you did, buddy XD
GM: You're so quick to place doubt on me.
DS: I just think your prince thing has gotten kind of old :P
DS: And also it barely took me a minute to reply back!
GM: I messaged you During the meeting.
GM: And that's ridiculous.
GM: As I've said time and time again, my "Prince Thing", as you call it, is no act.
GM: Though I surmise by day's end I'll have no need to try to convince you of that.
DS: Really?? How come?
GM: I've gotten you a gift this year.
GM: I think you'll quite enjoy it.
DS: Yeah? What is it?
GM: It's a puzzle.