YOU: Haha, nope!
YOU: Totally fine right as rain
YOU: Heeyyyy
YOU: Can I just... squeeze past real quick?
GUY: no, i am not letting you go to the lighthouse.
GUY: you need to stop hanging around that rotten thing. youll get tetanus.
YOU: Pffft, come ooooonnn
YOU: I'm an adult! I can handle myself
GUY: you just flung yourself across 6 feet of metal, so forgive me if i dont believe that.
GUY: even if i did, i cant let anyone past. weve got a ship scheduled to dock for maintenance, and my job is making sure the pier is cleared out.
GUY: delvers have their hands full enough without an accident-prone kid skipping around.
YOU: Is that why they keep you on post over HERE, away from the ships?
GUY: hey, thats mean. and anyway i do what im told, and that keeps everything running smoothly. you could learn a lot from me.
YOU: Surely you could bend a few rules for your beeeeest friend, right?
YOU: ^^"
GUY: no.
GUY: i cant.
YOU: Awwww
YOU: Fiiiine, guess I'll just have to go home then
GUY: please do.
GUY: and... watch your step this time.