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Unrelated Stories

Works entirely unrelated to the usual works hosted here.

A test adventure featuring the DEAD SHUFFLERS from Vast Error's Intermission 2 Side 1. Made to test the site's abilities.
(Ongoing; 16 pages)

Rejected, Take 20

Juntol Bittre reflects on her most recent audition.

Juntol Bittre is a fantroll for Hypecastr, you can find her Toyhouse page here.

Concept Art

While most of the available concept art will be on Patreon/Ko-fi, some content that was previously public-facing content can be found here.

Shameless plugs

Inspirations and Admirations


Four kids play a game together.

(If you go back and read it, I urge you to use The Unofficial Homestuck Collection.)

Burning Down the House

A story about stories, and the people who read them.

(Another ending to Homestuck.)


Deconreconstruction is a multi-media webcomic hub for the works of Austinado, Sparaze, and the many collaborators that help bring them to life.

(Home of Vast Error, Snowbound Blood, and more. You've probably heard of them, but I still really recommend checking them out if you haven't yet.)

Let Me Tell You About

Podcast where two best friends realized videogames are lame and make cartoon plots out of weird history.

(May contain trace elements of 4chanium.)


A story about a boy who wakes up in a forest.

(Very cute, funny, and dramatic comic that feels like the spliced DNA of Undertale, Homestuck, Prequel, and a lot of anime.)