Here we pay tribute to those of the trades.

Core Team

Secily "{nuclear333}" Iopara - Co-Creator, Lead Composition Director

Valarie Haswrites - Co-Creator

victoria "vriska" lacroix - Webmaster (Site creator and dev)

cistoria "aranea" ciscroix - victoria's evil doppleganger


Will be updated when relevant.


Hadron - 3D models and references

Victoria "Vriska" Lacroix - End of Break 1 art and animation

{Will be updated when relevant}

Technical Assistance

classpectanon - CSS assistance and accessibility-checking

Jen Ravasia - JavaScript assistance

Giovan - Fixed the film reel effect for Dead Shuffler Test Adventure, along with various other minor CSS fixes

{Will be updated when relevant}


Top Supporters ($??+)

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