GB: i mean
GB: can you even be sure theyre not
GB: maybe theyre making you WEAKER and you would never know it
GB: and uh
GB: dez?
GB: you there?
GB: 8P
GB: just finished my mac n cheese come on where are you
DS: Jeez sorry!!
DS: I wasn't even gone for a minute
DS: One of those three thingies just feel into my room, I think
GB: woah
DS: Probably a sign I should get moving LOL
GB: yeah
GB: i mean if you want to make anything of today
GB: maybe the princes scavenger hunt will make you feel better about the whole
GB: bday thing
DS: Maybe...
DS: Thanks for the pep talk GB
GB: np ds
DS: See you later ^^
GB: ttyl 8]
|- doctor-stunningway [DS] ceased paging galvanic-botanist [GB] -|