XANDER: dez, you know that i cant.
DEZ: C'mon, buddy!!
XANDER: no, im not budging.
XANDER: i already looked the other way with your trespassing, thats my birthday gift to you.
DEZ: You didn't even remember my birthday!
DEZ: By your standards you definitely owe me a couple more favors!
XANDER: well ok, i have a plan for you.
XANDER: why dont you go to the lost and found, and fill out the associated paperwork like anyone else who needs to retrieve a missing item.
XANDER: what do you even need something like that for anyway.
DEZ: Well ummm
DEZ: I uhhhhh...
DEZ: I'm doing an inventory check!!
XANDER: an inventory check.
DEZ: Yes, an inventory check
DEZ: An impromptu sitewide inventory check!
XANDER: really now.
DEZ: ^^"