DEZ: Thanks...
XANDER: of course.
XANDER: whats with the bag, are you going somewhere.
DEZ: Sorta..
DEZ: I was on my way home
DEZ: Hey actually, can I ask you something?
XANDER: go ahead.
DEZ: Okay so this might sound weird buuuuuuuut
DEZ: Have you seen any um. Weird gadget things?
XANDER: "weird gadget things?"
DEZ: Yeah uh
DEZ: I don't know what it would look like but um
DEZ: Oh jeez
DEZ: Maybe I'll just go!!
DEZ: Sorry for wasting your time Xander!!
XANDER: hey, wait.
XANDER: dont go, i might know what youre talking about.
DEZ: Really??
XANDER: i said i might.
XANDER: but if i do, then you probably wont be getting your hands on it.
DEZ: Wait, why??
XANDER: maybe i should explain.
XANDER: after you crashed into this thing-
DEZ: (sorry)
XANDER: -i moved the dumpster aside and grabbed a broom to clean up all the trash that flew out.
XANDER: it wasnt until i was already sweeping up that i noticed a plastic bag that hadnt been there before.
XANDER: i looked inside, and there was a strange thing that looked like.
XANDER: sort of like an oblong S piece in tetris.
XANDER: felt like a battery maybe. it also had a red emblem i didnt recognize.
DEZ: Buddy that sounds like EXACTLY what I'm looking for!! :D
DEZ: So where'd you put it?
XANDER: well.