Now this is a character you’re fond of. (Hey, what's such an old sheet doing out on the table like this?) You’ve played many a session as Doctor Stunningway in the past four or so years since you first developed her, and she seems to get along pretty well with your friends’ characters too. A doctor who wants to save the world gets wrapped up all kinds of fantasy shenanigans, what could be more cool than that?

You can think of a few things that might be more fun, like having one of your friends make a digital (and more complete) copy of your character sheets for you. Thankfully that happens a lot, you’re not sure you have the patience to sit there and roll for all those stats. She’s sure to remind you though that your usual character template is trash, and that you should really use a better one. You argue that this one is actually perfect, since it has a place to let you draw the weapons.

You’ve become particularly attached to Doctor Stunningway over the years, even changing your online handle to match her name. The name might not be especially catchy, but you do love her. You’d like to think that perhaps, one day, you can go on wacky adventures with your friends in real life. Yeah, that’ll be the day.