XANDER: usually, i mean. you know how to make them listen is what i-
ENYEN: Right.
ENYEN: Well, in all my visits, you're the best kid this base ever had.
ENYEN: A competent young man like yourself should be training delvers, not working as one. Besides, I'd bet you already have more on-site Xperience than half the delvers back there. You've got so much potential.
ENYEN: Think about what you'd be wasting in an iron casing.
XANDER: ill do that, commander.
ENYEN: By the way, where's your little pink friend? It's just you two these days, ain't it?
XANDER: thats right, sir. and i believe dez is in headquarters right now, filling out a form for the lost and found machine.
ENYEN: Really now? I always thought that one refused to play by NAVY rules, or something silly like that.
XANDER: theyve been doing some real growing up, i think. theyre going to get an item i submitted earlier today.
ENYEN: That's Xciting to hear.