On the back of your coat is your sign- a flashy way to get across that you're a big deal, someone worth remembering. Your “sign of the loser” may not sound very dignified on paper, but emblazoned on your uniform, it demands the fear and respect you deserve.

Or at least it should. Over the years, it’s been hard to make an impression on your peers that puts you in a good enough light. Some question your competency, despite how far you’ve gotten. Whatever anyone else says, you know one day you’ll have the keys to the whole world in your hand, and some funny quips and a badass robot suit or something to go along with ‘em. Like Iron Man.

As a nautical constable, it's your job to sail from base to base and ensure everything is up to code. It's the kind of bureaucratic busywork that keeps Consol turning, a responsibility you were born to bear. It can be tedious at times, but as a commander you also have the privilege of calling on the many delvers of any given stop to assist with whatever task you need them for. Speaking of which.

ENYEN: ...You all know Xactly why I'm here.
ENYEN: Just make sure my ride's in order when I'm outta there.