GM: e4.
GG: e5.
GM: Nf3.
GG: Nc6.
GM: Bc4.
GG: Bc6.
GM: Stop copying me.
GG: .eM gniypoc pots
GM: What, how-
GM: Whatever. b4.
GG: hm.
GM: Go ahead and take it.
GG: ...if you insist. Bxb4.
GM: Very good. Let's continue.
GM: c3.
GG: Ba5.
GM: O-O.
GG: what?
GM: I'm castling kingside.
GG: oh.
GM: Oh oh indeed.
GG: f6.
GM: Mm, bit of a Misplay there. See, you've limited your Knight's movement and exposed it to my Bishop.
GG: I know what I'm doing.
GM: Alright. g3.