When you're left craiving some answers.


This is the multi-media creative hub for our (Secily Iopara and Valerie Haswrites) collaborative works. It's currently host to Fateful Heights, a webcomic you've near-certainly heard of if you've made it this far.

> There's some music from the last incarnation that I really liked that isn't here anymore! Where is it?

You can still find it on the INHOSPITABLE bandcamp, but the price has been inflated to deter purchasing. As of the New Year of 2021, INHOSPITABLE Volume 1 is now delisted. I rereleased my tracks from that album, but you can't download the original album anymore. Those tracks are also on Spotify and anywhere else music is sold as "The Radioactive Tracks". There's one place you can "officially" listen to all of that music, but I don't recommend seeking it out. If you remember the artists I used to collaborate with, whether they show up as part of this endeavor as well, I recommend following them independently of this project.

> I thought this comic was on MSPFA? I don't want to check another site to continue reading a comic that hasn't updated in two three [NUMBER] years.

You're right! It was on MSPFA. Since this is now a collaborative project and is much more independent of that source material than previous versions were, we thought our projects in (and some out) of this world warranted its own space on the internet.